Easter Flower Donations

During the Easter season, the sanctuary is filled with plants and flowers to celebrate the glory of Christ’s resurrection. We are grateful to those who have donated towards the cost of these decorations.


Carlina Apolinaris Acevedo
Cyril, Twalib, Viola Agnes & Family
James Edward Ahearn
Francisco Castro Astacio
Margarita N. Atua
JJ Baldwin
Leo & Emily Bauer
Ursula Beckle & Family
Hans Behn
Yolande Blot-Medard
Jonathan Boyer
Genara Hernandez Castro
Domingo Chua I & II
Linda Davis
Marguerite Dume
Edel Family
Augustin Faustin
Cecilia Astorga Ferraro
Members of the Genes, Herrera, Gonzalez
& Rolando Families
James & Eileen Geoghegan
Matthew Geoghegan
Patricia Geoghegan
Margareth Georges
Joan Dorothy Gilbride
Thomas Aquinas Gilbride
Carol Giovanniello
Arthur & Sofie Graham
J. Lloyd Grant
Mary Grimes
Rev. Edmond Hawley
Fei Fei Huang
Nicole Hudson
R. Isaacs
Jane R. & Charles Janiak
Lina Joseph
R. Knowles
M. Knowles & Friend
Mitchel J. Krask
Leo Kwiatkowski
Sr. Jo Laurienzo, S.N.D.
Lydia & Charles Lawrence
Angela, Keith & the Lee Family
Maria Lucero
Madonna Family
Padre Santiago Mallen, CSSR
Amelia Diaz Manaog
Eduardo & Bienvenida Marte
Alice D. McCormack
Bernice F. McCray
McGee & Schneider Families
Bernabe V. Mendoza
Rt. Rev. Paul Moore, Jr.
Juan Moreno
Carol O’Brien
Robert O’Connell
Hudicourt Pierre
Robert & Frances Pouzar
The Preville Family
Lester & Ann Regula
Maggie Rittler
Eric A. Rivera
Gerchow & Candida Rose
May & Wilfred Simmons
Joseph & Dirk Simmons
Jessie Q. Sotto
Gabriel Ernesto Tarud Hazbun
Vivian Tarud Maria
Michelle Tarud Orozco
Christopher Temple
Ruth & Larry Thorne
Ronald Townes
Vera Traad Name
Cezar Augusto Umadac
Cesar, Aniceta & Rosario Villaruel
Monique Hurbon Wilson

For the Special Intentions of:

Adrienne Augustin
Theresa Doherty
Michael & Providencia Gilbride
Jessica Lee
Ruby Martin
Helga Roth
Daniel Tartaglia
Marie Y. Thomas
Orlando White
Christina Yu

The Paschal Candle has been given
by Kate Puangco for the intentions of the Puangco family.

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