The Pastor’s Corner – December 2, 2018

When you hear today’s Gospel, you may say to yourself: This is what is happening today. The situation with many nations, the fires, flooding, earthquakes, etc. that we experience seem to match what the Gospel describes. Remember though: people have been hearing this Gospel for centuries and have related it to their situations also. The point is: be vigilant! No matter what is happening, the Lord comes to us every day now. The final coming will be different, but being vigilant means being attentive and appreciating the full meaning of our encounter with Jesus daily. It is not a casual encounter; there is depth to it and being vigilant allows us to experience that fullness. During Advent we hear what our ancestors longed for; don’t let this Advent pass by as if it didn’t matter.

I hope that the Advent Booklet that is being given out this weekend will be a good guide for you during this special season. There is something in it each day for you. There are also other Advent books available in the lobby of the Parish House. Each of them has its own style, but an Advent book can be a valuable resource as you go through this season…which goes quickly.

-Fr. Andrew Reitz, O.F.M.


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