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Volunteer Ministry

Become a Volunteer

As baptized followers of Jesus, we are all called to serve. At the Church of St.
Francis of Assisi, our volunteers are invited to participate in the ministries and
outreach services both in and outside our community.

Our volunteers minister in many areas of service, including:
• St. Francis Breadline
• Liturgical Ministries
• St. Francis Music Ministry
• Adult Education
• St. Francis Knitters
• Caregivers Assistance Program (CAP)
• RENEW (Early Retirees)
• St. Francis Résumé Clinic
• Gay & Lesbian Outreach
• Young Adults
• Service & Advocacy
• The “Hoodie Project”
• St. Francis Seniors
• General Administration

Please contact Edward Trochimczuk, Director of Volunteer Ministry, at 212-736-8500, Ext. 361 or or register to be a member of the parish and indicate on your registration card that you are interested in volunteering; Edward will contact you.